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The Law Firm of Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C.has been successfully representing clients in a number of areas in criminal law. They have an outstanding performance record in the area of sex offenses, which is a unique area that is best handled by lawyers with specialized knowledge and expertise.

Robert J. Campos & Associates represented clients accused of committing sex crimes such as:

* Sexual Abuse

* Bestiality

* Molestation of a child

* Adultery

* Sexual Assault

A Wealth of Experience

In his role as the former Maricopa County sex crimes prosecutor, Robert J. Campos first gained attention when in the early 1990’s he successfully had the former Chandler Catholic priest, Wilputte Sherwood prosecuted for serious sex crimes. The priest faced many charges of molestation of a child as many of his victims were minors less than 18 years old.

Mr. Campos gained justice for the victims and also placed himself in the history books as the first prosecutor in the country to have successfully had a priest convicted and placed in prison for sexual crimes. In his former role as a prosecutor, Robert J. Campos worked with some of the finest experts in the field and gained invaluable expertise through national training. His knowledge allowed him to aggressively pursue a case whether he was prosecuting or defending an accused sex offender. This a reputation for which he became well known.

In 1996, Robert J. Campos decided to specialize in defending people accused of committing a sex crime. He sympathizes with those who are wrongly accussed as he is aware of the stress and the fear that he or she and the family have to endure. He has used his expertise to defend members of the clergy, policemen, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and detention officers.

Convictions and Mandatory Prison Sentences

A criminal conviction for a sex offense is a very serious charge. Once charged, the individual may be given a mandatory prison term which can be very lengthy. They may also be subjected to other legal obligations such as being placed on probation for life, having to register as a sex offender or wear an ankle monitoring device. Such a conviction can destroy an individual’s life, as it makes it harder to find a job and a place to live. They may also be ordered to keep away from their own children.

Sex crime cases should be handled by lawyers such as Mr. Campos who is an expert in such matters. Hiring a lawyer, who is not an expert, can result in devastating results for the client and his or her family.

The Arizona Sex Crime Law

* The lawful punishment for a conviction of Sexual Conduct of a Minor who is less than 12 years old is life imprisonment. The convicted sex offender may not be allowed release on bond or bail if the charge is molestation of a child where the victim is less than 15 years old.

What Should You Do?

If you are contacted by the police you should not speak to them unless your lawyer is present. Call Robert J. Campos and benefit from his expertise and dedication. He will do a thorough investigation, and may either have your name cleared or ensure you gain a favorable sentence.

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