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sex crimes specialist child molest defense attorney sex crimes sex defense expert

Sex Crimes Specialist | Child Molest Defense Attorney | Sex Crimes | Sex Defense Expert

The Law Firm Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. was founded in 1996. I started the firm based on my passion to move on from being a prosecutor, to go on to defend clients who have been accused of a crime. We are now in our sixteenth year of operation, and have successfully assisted thousands of people to resolve their legal problems. We are located in Pheonix.

Being arrested is a troubling event for many people. It may be hard for you to think logically when you or your loved one is arrested for a crime. We understand the mental turmoil that such an incident may cause you. The thought of going to jail or being imprisoned may cause you sleepless nights. You feel helpless because you do not know how to protect yourself or your loved one from being charged for a crime that you know is false. You actually have more power than you realize. Why not call my firm, as we are the legal experts, and allow us to deal with the case for you.

My firm understands your need for strong support in your time of trouble. We are aware that sometimes crimes are committed by good people who made a mistake. My firm is dedicated to helping our clients make it through this rough patch in their lives with as much support as possible. We also understand that in times, such as these, loved ones may disappear, and your support system may be weak or non-existent. People do find it hard to give support to someone accused of committing a serious crime. We have a team of dedicated professionals who will form your support system as we work hard to fight for your rights. We do care and will stand by your side while we work to bring you justice.

I will never be able to guarantee that the results of the case will work in your favor, but I can guarantee that you will be treated like family. My firm is a family unit, and not known to be impersonal. All our clients are known by name, and they become a part of that unit as soon as we start working with them. We even remain friends with many of our clients long after our business relation is complete.

A short list or my achievements along with certification include:    * Having tried over 100 jury and bench trials.    * Certification by the State Bar of Arizona as a Criminal Law Specialist.    * Recognition as an expert in the defense of sex crimes by the Arizona Republic Newspaper, U.S. News and World Report and by KFYI and KTAR news radio.    * A former prosecutor and former city court judge for Scottsdale and Glendale City Courts.

These qualifications and achievements indicate the caliber of expertise that will be used to defend you. I have both the expertise and strategies to defend you, and my team of professionals stands ready to use their expertise to protect your rights as well. This is your freedom. With God by your side you can make the right choice and hire a good attorney. We await your call.

sex crimes specialist child molest defense attorney sex crimes sex defense expert

Sex Crimes Specialist | Child Molest Defense Attorney | Sex Crimes | Sex Defense Expert

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