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Sex Lifetime Probation | Sex Rule 32 Petitions | Sex Probation Violation Hearings | Sex Appeals

In 1996, I created my law firm, Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. Since then we have dealt with a plethora of criminal defense cases. Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C specifically specializes in representing clients that have been accused of sex crimes. Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of defendants in Phoenix and its surrounding areas by successfully resolving their law cases. I know and understand the possible consequences of not having an experienced attorney on your side, and I want to ensure that all of my clients get the best legal representation.

My experience has led me to understand that getting arrested is an extremely frightening experience, whether you’ve been arrested or a friend or a family member has been arrested. Even the possibility of being incarcerated may have you experiencing sleepless nights and excessive worrying. Call me today, so that I can help during these troubled times, as the first place to start is with a good defense.

Furthermore, I understand that good people make mistakes, and even though it’s not something that defines you, your co-workers, friends, and even family may not understand. Some of them may even abandon you during this crucial and frightening period of your life. My firm is compassionate to those who are caught up in a legal bind, and we are dedicated to fighting for you with compassion and respect.

It is fair to mention that no attorney, including myself, can ever guarantee the exact outcome of a case. This goes for any kind of case, whether it’s civil or criminal. However, you can rest assured that everyone here at Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. will treat you as if you are family and diligently work to help you get the best possible outcome. We know all of our clients by name and treat them all as respectable citizens. Your success is our success, and we will do our best to give you or your loved ones the best possible representation.

As a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of Arizona, I’ve handled thousands of cases, including jury and bench trials. Because of my knowledge, dedication, and persistence, I have been nationally recognized as a sex crimes defense expert in publications and outlets such as the U.S. News and World Report, Arizona Republic Newspaper, and several news radio stations.

My firm is here to assist you with your legal needs, and we assure you that with our expertise combined with understanding and compassion, we will help you in defending yourself and your legal rights. Don’t take the chance of going unarmed without legal representation. The severity of the consequences could lead to lengthy probation, jail time, prison time, or more. Take the time to give us a call, so that we can help you in your times of trouble. No alleged crime is too small or too large for my firm to handle. With a good attorney like me, and your trust in me, we can work to help you get out of your tangled legal web.

sex lifetime probation sex rule 32 petitions sex probation violation hearings sex appeals

Sex Lifetime Probation | Sex Rule 32 Petitions | Sex Probation Violation Hearings | Sex Appeals

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