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Obscene or Indecent Telephone Communications to a Minor | Sex Trafficking | Public Display of Explicit Sexual Materials | Sex Offenses Phoenix

Sex Offense Lawyers

Public Display of Explicit Sexual Materials | Sex Trafficking | Obscene or Indecent Telephone Communications to a Minor | Sex Offenses Phoenix

The Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. Law Firm has 24 years of successful experience representing sex offenders and sexually abused clients in all areas of criminal law, including:

* Sexual Abuse

* Indecent Exposure

* Child Molestation

* Unlawful Age Misrepresentation

* Sexual Conduct with a Minor

* Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

* Luring a Minor for Sexual Exploitation

* Child Prostitution

* Sex Trafficking

* Sexual Assault

A Wealth of Experience

Former Maricopa County sex crimes prosecutor Robert J. Campos was first recognized for his prosecutory skills in the early 1990’s when he successfully led the charge against former Chandler Catholic priest, Wilputte Sherwood. Wilputte was charged and found guilty of the sexual victimization of thousands of people. His list of victims included minors under the age of 18 years. In his bid to gain victory for the victims, Mr. Campos also gained an historical reputation for himself. He was the first prosecutor in the United States of America to have had a priest convicted and imprisoned for sexual offenses.

In his former role as a prosecutor, Robert J. Campos gained expertise in both areas of seeking prosecution for an offender, or defending an accused against the serving of a prison term. He became known as an aggressive prosecutor, and equally as the defense.

Robert J. Campos’ began his practice of offering defense to people accused of committing a sex crime in 1996. He understands the stress, and fear people undergo when they or a loved one is wrongly accused. He has sucessfully defended people from all walks of life and professions including policemen, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and members of the clergy.

 Dealing with Convictions and Mandatory Prison Sentences

Being criminally convicted for a sex crime can lead to a long mandatory prison term, and/or other undesirable legal obligations. These include registering as a sex offender or having to wear an ankle monitoring device. A conviction can ultimately destroy an individual’s life. Aside from possibly having difficulty finding a job and a place to live, a convicted sex offender may be ordered to stay away from his/her children.

Sex crime cases are best handled by experienced lawyers like Mr. Campos. Hiring a lawyer who does not have the knowledge, expertise or strategic capacity to handle such a case could be disastrous for the accused and his or her family.

Under the Arizona Law

* Convictions for child pornography possession carry a possible minimum ten year prison term for each picture. Terms run consecutively; ten pictures would result in a 100-year confinement.

* Convictions for Sexual Conduct of a Minor offense attracts life imprisonment if the minor is less than 12 years old. Defendants may also be denied a release on bond or bail for charges such as Sexual Conduct with a minor or Child Molestation were the victim is less than 15 years old.

What Should You Do?

Whether you are guilty or not, once you are contacted and made aware of the charges, do not speak to the police unless your lawyer is present. Even if the police proceed to conduct a search, do not give your consent. Robert J. Campos possesses both the expertise and dedication to investigate your case thoroughly, and give you the best representation that will gain you freedom or a favorable sentence.

Obscene or Indecent Telephone Communications to a Minor | Sex Trafficking | Public Display of Explicit Sexual Materials | Sex Offenses Phoenix

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