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Robert J. Campos is a former Maricopa County Prosecutor. He was assigned to the Gang/Repeat Offender Unit. He prosecuted gang related murders. He has the experience and expertise to defend you if you are charged with First or Second Degree Murder or manslaughter.

Mr. Campos is an accomplished trial lawyer. If you are innocent or if the State does not have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, Mr. Campos will take your case to trial. He has an excellent record of obtaining justice for his clients charged with serious crimes.

In 1999, Mr. Campos successfully represented a defendant who was wrongfully charged with Manslaughter for the death of Phoenix Police Officer Goelet Beuf. Although a police officer tragically lost his life in the line of duty, the defendant was not responsible for committing the crime of Manslaughter. This was a highly reported case in the media and the courtroom was always packed with police officers to show support for the prosecution.

Despite all the odds, Mr. Campos successfully won a motion to suppress for the illegal search of the defendant’s personal belongings. The defendant was not convicted of Manslaughter. This is only one example of how Mr. Campos has helped many innocent clients.

Mr. Campos will review your case for the following:

  1. Was your initial stop legal?
  2. Did the police search you, your car or home legally? Did they obtain the proper warrants?
  3. Did the police read you your Miranda Rights?
  4. Was your alleged confession Voluntary?
  5. Did the police find fingerprint evidence?
  6. Did the police find the alleged murder weapon?
  7. Are there any eye witnesses that support your defense?
  8. Did the police find DNA evidence?
  9. Did the police violate any of your Constitutional Rights, including your 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment Rights?
  10. Did the police use any wiretap evidence or GPS tracking device?
  11. Did you act is self defense or act to defend someone else from harm?
  12. Do you have an insanity defense?
  13. Are you Innocent?

Mr. Campos has 24 years of experience in a courtroom. He will review your case and help you navigate the criminal justice system. Mr. Campos and his staff will stand with you to obtain justice in your case. If you are charged with Murder or Manslaughter, call Mr. Campos and let him help you. Call today.

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