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Robert J. Campos is a former prosecutor and city court judge. He has the expertise to help you modify the terms of probation. If you are tired of having to comply with conditions of probation that do not make sense or that make it impossible for you to succeed in life, call Robert J. Campos.

The probation department and your probation officer will make you believe that they call the shots. They want you to be afraid and to keep quiet. You have rights. The judge is in control, not the probation department. The judge sets the conditions of probation, not the probation department. If you wish to make a change, you have a right to petition the judge directly.

Robert J. Campos can help you make positive changes such as:

  1. Modifying your curfew hours to extend the time you can be out of the house.
  2. Modifying who you can associate with. Are there friends or family members that the probation department will not let you see?
  3. Modifying your monthly restitution payments or fees associated with probation. If you cannot afford the payments, you can get the amounts lowered or even deleted.
  4. Modifying any condition that does not allow you to drink alcohol. This condition is often imposed in cases where alcohol played no part in the offense. You can have this deleted.
  5. Modifying or challenging any request that you submit to a polygraph examination. The probation department can decide to treat you more harshly if you do not pass a polygraph test to their satisfaction. 
  6. Modifying what type of counseling you receive or the length of counseling. 
  7. You can even petition the court to remove your probation officer if you feel that he or she is not treating you with respect and is attempting to make you fail.

These are only some of the issues that you may have with your probation. Mr. Campos will listen to your concerns and take action to help you. You do not need to put up with a probation officer or conditions of probation that do not help you succeed in life. This is the goal of probation. If you are not happy with how you are being treated, call Robert J. Campos today.

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