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The Law Firm of Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C. has 24 years of experience in all aspects of criminal law, including successfully representing clients who have been charged with the following drug crimes:  Possession of Marijuana, Transportation and Sale of Marijuana; Possession of a Dangerous Drug, Transportation and Sale of a Dangerous Drug; and Possession of a Narcotic Drug, Transportation and Sale of a Narcotic Drug.

Robert J. Campos is a former Maricopa County Prosecutor who prosecuted drug crimes in the Drug Unit.  Mr. Campos gained extensive experience and worked with the best drug experts inArizona.  Mr. Campos knows all the legal challenges that can be raised in a drug case.

As a Criminal Law Specialist and former judge, Mr. Campos has the experience to attack the State’s case.  If you are charged with any drug offense, call Mr. Campos right away.  Mr. Campos will evaluate your case and may determine that your rights have been violated.  Mr. Campos has an excellent track record of finding mistakes and taking advantage of police errors.

The State’s case can be attacked and motions to dismiss and suppress evidence can and will be filed by Mr. Campos and his team.  If the police interrogate you without first reading you your Miranda Rights, your statements may be suppressed.  If the police coerce you to incriminate yourself, your statements may be suppressed.  If the police illegally search your car or home, the evidence may be suppressed and your case may be dismissed.  Mr. Campos has had excellent results protecting the rights of the accused.

If you are ever stopped and questioned by the police, you must not talk to the police.  You should ask to speak to your lawyer.  Do not lie to the police.  Lying will get you into more trouble.  Do not ever consent to a search of your car or your home.  The police need search warrants, however, if you consent, you may not be able to challenge the search later in court.  You have the right to say “no”. The police can be intimidating and they may make you feel like you cannot say no.  Do not be afraid to assert your rights.  Refuse to speak to the police, refuse to consent to a search and call Robert J. Campos immediately.

Additionally, if you suspect that the police are investigating you, do not use the phone.  The police are probably listening to your phone calls.  They may have obtained a court order to wire-tap your phone.  The police may have your house under surveillance.  The police may have a GPS tracking device on your car.  The police may have a snitch working with them and helping the police set you up.  The police may have a camera recording what happens at your house, commonly referred to as “pole camera”.

These are only some of the techniques used by the police.  There are more sophisticated methods.  Mr. Campos is knowledgeable and will protect your rights and freedom.  Call now.

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