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Robert J. Campos, a 25 year veteran in the criminal law field, and a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, is the attorney you want in your corner when faced with a violation of probation charges. Mr. Campos, a former Maricopa County Prosecutor and city court judge, has the expertise to fight for your rights, and keep your probation from being revoked, so you won’t have to return to prison.

Violation of Probation

When facing allegations of violation against the conditions of your probation, it is imperative you find qualified representation, someone with enough experience to protect your freedom and your legal rights; Robert J. Campos can offer the experience that you need.

When this allegation exists, the judge has one of two options; to reinstate or revoke your probation. In the event, he revokes it, you are sentenced to prison. However, before this occurs, you are legally entitled to challenge the allegation. You have the right to testify in your own behalf, or call in the expert services of an attorney to testify for you. Many defendants don’t even realize they have the right to call expert witnesses, confront state witnesses and more, in defense of their probation. Having an attorney present to fight for your rights can ensure you remain on the existing probation terms; as qualified legal representation offers a judge an additional sense of security against further probation violations.

At the time of your probation violation hearing, the judge will review the “Disposition Report,” a document containing the supposed facts of the case. This report is supposed to be non biased and factual, but often it isn’t. Remember, it is the probation department that writes this report, and it is this same department that is alleging the probation violation.

The Right Choice

When you hire the Robert J. Campos law firm, we make sure that all the facts are checked, that your legal rights are met and that every possible effort is made to reinstate your probation; so you can continue with your life as normally as possible.

What Can You Expect from Robert J. Campos:

– Personal attention even if you are in legal custody.
– Personal contact with your probation officer to discuss the matter. The clearing up of any misinformation the probation department may have.
– Mr. Campos will work on your behalf whenever possible with regards to proving your good standing and character. This may include the submittal of letters of recommendation to the court on your behalf.
– Personal contact with friends and family who may be needed to testify for you.
– If necessary, the filing of a sentencing memorandum detailing the positive personal qualities you have.
– The contacting of employers and colleagues who can testify as to your good conduct.
– The firm will conduct interviews of the probation officers involved in your case.
– If necessary, the Campos team will contract an expert witness to testify for you, especially if you suffer from any psychological or substance abuse condition.
– Campos attorneys will request a copy of all the documentation regarding your case from the probation department, and analyze it thoroughly for it’s accuracy.
– He may obtain a copy of your file from the probation department.
– The contacting of the prosecutor assigned to the case and discussion of any inaccuracies in the Disposition Report.

Robert J. Campos has the criminal law background you need when faced with a probation violation that could revoke your current probation. Contact Robert J. Campos & Associates today for an initial free consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix | Drug Offenses Phoenix | Defense Phoenix | Trials Phoenix


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