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Phoenix police arrested now-former fellow officer Christopher J. Wilson last night for alleged sexual misconduct with two teenage boys.

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Maricopa County prosecutors want a court-ordered HIV test for a former police officer accused of having sex with two teens boys.

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PHOENIX – An officer-involved shooting has occurred at 89th Avenue and Indian School in west Phoenix after eight armed men broke into a home.

Police said the invasion occurred at the home of a family with a 6-year-old girl who were all asleep at the time. Read More→

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U.S. marshals say they’ve arrested a suspect who’d been on the run nearly 30 years since a deadly stabbing in northeast Ohio.

Marshals Service spokesman Matt Hershey said Tuesday a fugitive task force took 55-year-old Ronald Stahlman into custody in the mountain town of Payson, Ariz., northeast of Phoenix. Read More→

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A fugitive wanted on a probation violation for drug charges shot and killed himself Monday as law enforcement authorities attempted to arrest him, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies working cooperatively with the U.S. Marshals Office attempted to serve a warrant on the man at a trailer home in the area of Hannah and Trekell Road in Casa Grande.

As law enforcement officials approached, the man ventured outside and then immediately ran back inside. Moments later, a single gunshot was heard, sheriff’s investigators said. Read More→

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Children have a right to be safe in their own homes.

Parents have a right to raise their children the way they see fit.

Those two rights collided in an ongoing El Mirage parental custody battle. Read More→

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A tank rolled through a residential neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona, along with a SWAT team, armored vehicles, and because you can never be too careful, a bomb robot. So, what could have prompted such a show of force? A Mexican cartel beheading Arizonians in West Valley? An al Qadea cell, plotting a terrorist attack on Russell Pearce? Nope:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio rolled out the tanks to take down a man suspected of cockfighting.

Suspected. Of cockfighting. Really. Read More→

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In Arizona it takes a tank, the SWAT team and Steven Seagal to bust an alleged cockfighting ring.

Neighbours in the town of Lavine were woken Tuesday night to the site of a dozen SWAT team members and armoured vehicles surrounding a house on their street. Read More→

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who will never be confused with Sheriff Andy Taylor, has done it again.

The Arizona sheriff, who is currently the subject of FBI, United States Department of Justice, and Federal Grand Jury investigations for civil rights violations and abuse of power, can now add overkill to his impressive resume. Read More→

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The blood of a dead puppy is on Steven Seagal‘s hands … this according to an Arizona man who claims the actor participated in a deadly police raid on his home back in March that was taped for a reality show.

Seagal, along with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been served with an official notice of claim from Jesus Sanchez Llovera — who contends Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department performed an “unfounded” raid on his home because they believed Jesus was operating an illegal cockfighting farm.  Jesus denies the allegation — insisting he only raises the roosters “for show.” Read More→

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